Marktgemeinde Ybbsitz

Centre for metalwork courses in the forging centre Ybbsitz

The association Forging Centre Ybbsitz provides an authentic platform for comprehensive activities in training and further education for jobs in the metal trade.

This association, whose artistic coordinator is Prof. Alfred Habermann, sees it as ist primary function to offer courses to smiths, locksmiths, blacksmiths, metal sculptors, designers, ... in an authentic working environment. 


Apart from teaching specific techniques and skills in theory and in practice, the participants are also introduced to cultural and artistic backgrounds and connections, which are presented to them and which should help them gain new insights and develop new ideas.

The centre for metalwork courses could not exist without the „Mile of Forges“. It consists of a number of forges that have been kept in their original condition, as well as of others that have been developed into modern factories. In many respects the latter have also remained loyal to their tradition of manufacturing metal, producing steel profiles, household utensils, garden and household tools or the like. The history of many of these companies reaches back to the times of the „Black Earls“, who made the area famous by exporting their produce (axes, swords, knives, ...) to countries all over Europe.

Nowadays, blacksmiths and smiths living in Ybbsitz have developed new approaches to their material iron. They make bridges, sculptures, but also utensils for everyday use, characterised by their high formal quality. Here in Ybbsitz blacksmiths from all over Europe, but also from other parts of the world can meet and discuss, and so it is not surprising that Ybbsitz is one of the founding members and the seat of the „Ring of European Ironcities“.