Marktgemeinde Ybbsitz

Forging Centre

The historical roots

In 1174 Archbishop Wichmann of Magdeburg travelled through our area on a journey to Hungary, and he is said to have given the forests to the diocese of Seitenstetten. In 1184 he confirmed this donation.

Due to the rich forests, the proximity of the Danube as a main waterway for transport and the iron production, which was seen as an important source of income by the abbots of Seitenstetten, the area developed rapidly in the following decades, and so it was already in 1480 that Ybbsitz was decreed to be a market town by Emperor Frederick III.


Today, the village of Ybbsitz with the "Mile of Forges" and its centre of metal courses lies amidst untouched nature, rich agricultural areas and large forests. Hiking, mountain biking, recuperation and relaxation are activities for both body and soul. An easy walking tour around Ybbsitz opens unexpected impressions und surprising views and you find metal sculptures everywhere. The „Erlebnisbrücke“ (Adventure Bridge) over the Prollingbach is just one example to show how metal designers from Ybbsitz face the challenges of modern times, combining new modern ways with high artistic standards.

Ybbsitz’s local cuisine is traditional and varied;with many recipes going back to our great-grandmothers or even further to the times of the „Black Earls“.

The Forging Centre Ybbsitz feels responsible both for the modern metal design and for preserving the historical roots reaching back to the Middle Ages.

Welcome to Ybbsitz!