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FeRRUM - The museum


Iron is everywhere
FeRRUM provides information on history, culture and art and is in interaction with the region. An event-museum, created according to the most state-of –the –art criteria, a museum at the core, offering surprising insights into regional history and culture.



On the upper floor the visitor follows the traces of the Iron Trail, from early history up to modern times.

The thematic order permits an insight into six time zones, which open up historic backgrounds and at the same time define the cultural and historic centre of the region.


Touch and understand

A visit to FeRRUM is an adventure for all. State-of-the-art technology, together with architectural genius enable visitors to go on an entertaining and educational trip through past, present and near future.

A virtual voyage through the century-old history of iron, reaching from the beginnings of iron treatment to our times and into the future – exciting and gripping in a spectacular setting. Perfect technology shows to what extent metals have shaped our lives and how they continually surround us.



Iron is presented in nine „stations“, in which the visitor realizes how much the material iron has become our daily companion, even though we are not always aware of it.

The special exhibition
The world an anvil

In addition to the cultural interactive centre there are special exhibitions which change yearly.

In 2006 the special exhibition provides in insight into the life of Professor Alfred Habermann. An exhibition whose aim it is to pay hommage to the internationally renowned „pope of blacksmithing“.

The conference forumFeRRUM

A baroque hall in FeRRUM – THE place for celebrations and presentations.The FeRRUM is at everybody’s disposal, not only as the new interactive iron world, but also as a unique conference centre in the region Iron Trail. It offers up to 70 people an exceptional venue for private or corporate festivities, for weddings, for concerts, symposiums, seminars, lectures, receptions, presentations, and the like.

Plan your festivity in the baroque hall – equipped with state-of-the-art technology and two rooms for catering and for tasting products of the region.



ShopFeRRUM – welcome
You are looking for attractive offers of art and trade, extravagant presents or local goodies? ShopFeRRUM offers an extensive and high-quality range of regional hand-crafted products, both authentic and native to the area.

The Mile of Forges
Not only the museum pivots around the material iron. The journey through history continues step by step along the mile of forges.There, the old hammer mills, steeped in charming nature, bear witness to the centuries of forging history, there the visotors can turn back the wheel of history and touch, understand, feel and experience iron.

FeRRUM – iron in all its forms

FeRRUM - a new chapter in the history of the Iron Trail, a milestone of Lower Austrian living, social and economic history. A highly fascinating project in the heart of the Most Quarter and of the culture park Iron Trail.

FeRRUM – an interactive journey through the history of iron – both exciting and gripping and presented in a spectacular setting.

FeRRUM – an authentic metal experience mit love for detail and a glowing enthusiasm.

FeRRUM . in harmony with culture, history and art.

FeRRUM - a world of adventure embracing all aspects of metal treatment, a new and different approach to understanding iron.